Pallet Christmas Tree with Lights

Pallet Christmas Tree with Lights

Step-by-step guide to using pallets to create a light-up wall tree

By Cassie Fairy  

If you don’t have space for Christmas tree in your home, why not consider making a wall tree instead? This project is made from pallets and paint, so it’s a low-cost way to bring some festive fun into your home. Plus, it’s a flexible project so you can decide just how decorative you want the tree to be; either keep the original wood for a Scandi-style tree, paint it and string some battery-powered fairy lights across it, add the spoon-handle pegs for baubles, or go the whole hog with a neon outline. Whatever you decide, it’s a quick and low-cost project that’ll give any room in your home a dash of Christmas cheer!

You will need:

A pallet
Old wooden spoons
Plastic flower pot
Screwdriver and screws
Hand saw 
Green paint
Gold paint
Drill with a variety of drill bits
EL Wire with batteries
Hanging hook

Step 1

SAFESTORE-pallet-christmas-tree-project-Step-1.jpgStart by taking the pallet apart so that you’ve got some strips of wood to work with. Cut the ends of each plank at a 45 degree angle, making each length a little shorter each time you cut to create the ‘branches’ of the tree. Lay the branches side by side and screw another piece of wood (the ‘tree trunk’) vertically onto the back of the branches to hold them all together. Leave a little extra ‘trunk’ exposed at the base. 

Step 2

SAFESTORE-pallet-christmas-tree-project-Step-2.jpgIf you want to add a neon outline to the tree, now is the time to drill holes for the EL Wire. Use a drill bit the same size as the EL Wire and drill holes at each point of the branches. Sand any rough edges and give the whole tree a coat of green paint. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, use a gold paint to outline the edges. 

Step 3

SAFESTORE-pallet-christmas-tree-project-Step-3.jpgTo create the base of the tree, cut a plastic flower pot in half and use nails to pin a piece of painted pallet wood inside the pot. Paint the outside of the pot with gold spray paint. Once dry, attach the pot to the trunk of the tree by screwing from the back of the ‘trunk’ through to the piece of wood inside the pot.

Step 4


If you want to hang baubles from your wall tree, you can add hooks or use the handles of old wooden spoons as pegs. Cut them down to your preferred length, sand and paint with gold spray paint. Use a drill bit with the same circumference as the pegs and drill holes into the front of the pallet tree. Add a drop of wood glue to each hole and push the pegs in. 

Step 5

SAFESTORE-pallet-christmas-tree-project-Step-5.jpgThe final step is to add the EL Wire to illuminate the outline of the tree. Position the battery pack at the back of the tree, beside the ‘trunk’ and secure with electrical tape. Feed the EL Wire through the first hole at the bottom of the tree and thread it in and out of each hole to outline the branches. When you get to the end, tape it in place with electrical tape on the back of the tree. 

SAFESTORE-pallet-christmas-tree-project-finished-6-(1).jpgEt voila! A custom-made wall tree with neon lights. All that’s left to do is to screw a hanging hook into the back of the tree trunk and hang your new Christmas tree on your wall. The pot at the base of the tree is ideal for filling with sweets or small presents, and you can change the baubles each year to fit in with your festive décor. You could even turn the tree into an advent calendar by adding 24 pegs and hanging candy canes or mini-stockings on each peg. 

As always, please take care when DIYing any of our projects and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

If you're a fan of upcycling you may want to check out our growing collection of Upcycling Projects on our blog.  WIshing you all the best over the holiday season!

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