Upcycled Bedside Tables

Upcycled Bedside Tables

How to upcycle bedside tables

Another amazing Upcycling project by the ever so talented duo of  Cassie Fairy and Andy Greenacre  (Photography).

If you’ve got an old chest of drawers stored away but they’re too big for your room or are falling apart – like ours! – then why not upcycle them into a useful piece of furniture? We were able to salvage the two small drawers from a bulky chest that had seen better days (the back and sides had broken) and decided to use the drawers as the basis for two bedside cabinets. 

An old shelf and the broken top of a unit provided all the additional wood we needed to build a frame. We unscrewed the angled legs from a retro planter, but you could use chair legs or even just offcuts of timber – whatever you already have in storage. Just be sure to check any old wood or drawers that you plan to use, to make sure you’re not bringing woodworm into the house! 

Here’s how to DIY your own custom-built beside tables for next-to-nothing..!

You will need:

Small drawers
Leftover wood
Legs and fixings from a planter, chair or offcuts of timber
Drill with countersink drill bit
Wood screws 
Wood filler and spatula
Electric sander and sandpaper
Wood stain and wax or emulsion paint 
Paint brush

Step 1

Carefully measure the drawers you’re using for the bedside cabinets. You want to create a close-fitting frame but with a few extra millimetres so that the drawers can slide in and out easily.

Step 2

Cut some pieces of old wood to the measurements required build the frame. We used an old shelf and the top of a broken unit to cut two sides, one back piece, a top and a base.  

Step 3

Position the pieces together to form frame and drill pilot holes of about 1 or 1.5mm (depending on the screws you’re using) where the screws will attach the frame together. The pilot holes will prevent the timber from splitting when the pieces are screwed together.

Step 4

Use a countersink drill bit to add countersink holes to the pilot holes. This allows the screw heads to sit flush to the wood when screwed in, so you can easily fill over the top for a smooth finish. Screw the sides together then add the top and base.

Step 5

Use wood filler to fill in all the screw holes and any other gaps. Allow to dry thoroughly. 

Step 6

Carefully sand down the dried wood filler and any splinters using an electric sander and fine grit sandpaper. Alternatively, you can use a sanding block to sand down any rough edges by hand. Wipe away any dust.

Step 7

Paint or stain the frame and drawer in a colour of your choice. We used a dark grey satin emulsion paint and left the drawer in its original wood tone, but you could stain the frame to match the colour of your drawers, or paint the drawer front to coordinate with the frame. You may need a few coats of the paint or stain to achieve the depth of colour you would like. A final coat of wax or varnish will seal the surface.

Step 8

Finally, attach any fixings for the legs to the underside of the cabinet. Screw the legs into place from beneath the frame. Slide the drawer into the frame and position your new cabinet bedside your bed.

And there you have it – a handy bedside table with built-in storage! You can customise your own project with any paint colour or stain to coordinate with your walls, floors or bedding to create a seamless look. Other than a few DIY materials that you probably already have in the garage, these bedside cabinets were made entirely from upcycled furniture and offcuts of wood so they cost practically nothing to make and can save you ££s on buying new furniture.

As with all our projects, please take care while using tools, materials and equipment and all projects on the Safestore blog must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!

To see more of the projects that Cassie and Andy have done in conjunction with Safetore please do visit our Upcycling page.

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