Organising Your Make-up Storage

Organising Your Make-up Storage

Simple make-up storage tips

It’s easy to accumulate make-up. A blusher here or a lip gloss there, a replacement for that concealer that you didn’t really like, and so it goes on. If make-up is taking over your bathroom or your dresser, then take a look at our incredibly simple make-up storage tips for helping organise all your cosmetics.

Divided Drawers - Cupcakes and cashmere

These plastic baskets are a ridiculously easy way to organise your make-up instead of simply shoving it in a drawer.

Spray paint them in a colour of your choice and fill with specific make-up items. If you’re short on space, pair items up such as lip -gloss and lipsticks together and skin products together.

Jam Jars - White Bazaar UK


If you like jam, then you’re in luck! Before you put them in the recycling think about whether your make-up brushes might look good in them. You might even keep the label if it’s pretty enough too.

Jar too tall for your brushes? Fill it up with marbles, coffee beans or sand for a pretty but useful trick.

Magnets - Pinterest


Simply purchase a magnetic board from your local stationers, along with a cheap frame. Cover the board with a fabric of your choice and paint the frame to complement it.

Then, glue a magnetic strip to the back of your make-up and voila! An easy way to store your make-up that takes up minimal space.


Acrylic Drawers - The Beauty Chronicles


Acrylic drawers for make-up storage are all the rage at the moment, and no wonder.

They are useful as you can see exactly where everything is, and they’ll last a long time as they’re made out of acrylic. They are available at a range of online retailers.

Storing Nail Varnish - Pinterest


Pop your nail varnish in a glass footed vase and you’ll be so delighted with the way it looks, you’ll want to change your nail colour every day!

How do you organise your make-up and cosmetics? Share your ideas with us below.

Now that you have your make-up under control you may want to have a go at your Jewellery.

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