Safestore & Wrap Up 2019

Safestore & Wrap Up 2019
For the 9th consecutive year, Hands On London and its associated partners are launching their annual Wrap Up campaign, which aims to deliver warm coats to those most in need across the country. Last year we collected over 27,000 coats in London alone bringing the total across the UK to 36,000. 

Safestore is proud to be able to help this worthy charity by providing space for donated coats to be stored and sorted before being distributed to men, women and children in the UK who would otherwise not have a warm coat to wear this winter.

What is Wrap Up?

The Wrap Up campaign’s aims are simple: to encourage people to donate coats, and to ensure that those coats reach the people who really need them.  Many people donate their old coats to their local charity shops (which is far better than sending them to landfill), but those coats tend to be sold rather than given to people who can’t afford to buy them.

Wrap Up and its associated charities ensure that the coats end up on the backs of people who are in genuine need of them.

Where is Wrap Up based?

Although Wrap Up was originally based in London (as that’s where Hands On London was established), the campaign has spread much further afield. Last year, there were major campaigns in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. This year, with the help of the Rotary Club and Human Appeal, even more areas of the UK will be covered and more vulnerable people than ever are set to receive coats this winter.

Who receives the coats?

The Wrap Up volunteers work tirelessly to collect, transport and sort the donated coats so that they can be distributed to local charities that have contacts with homeless, elderly and otherwise vulnerable people such as children living in poverty and refugees. 

Those charities can give the coats directly to anyone who needs them, and can offer other forms of support if necessary. Wrap Up ensures that the charities are given only as many coats as they can realistically distribute so that nothing goes to waste or languishes in charity shops. Safestore’s Digital and Marketing Director,

Shahid Kadodia, stresses the importance of the aim of this campaign and explains why we feel such a strong need to help. “With so many people in need, sadly some of the most vulnerable people will not have the luxury of wearing a coat this winter. With this figure only set to rise, we are very passionate about supporting the Wrap Up campaign across several of our stores, as they are working so hard to provide comfort and care for those in need. We’re proud to have supported this campaign over the years and we hope to donate even more coats this winter.”

Where can you donate your coats?

If you have any coats that you no longer need or wear, please consider donating them to this worthwhile cause. The various charities involved in this year’s appeal are making every effort to make it easy to donate your coats on set dates throughout November.

Donating in London

In London, you can donate your coats at various tube stations, 11th - 13th November 2019. For details, please check out the Wrap Up London page here.

Between 11th November and 24th November, you can also donate your coats directly to one of our London stores at  - Notting Hill - Clapham - Kings Cross - Chiswick

Donating elsewhere in the UK

Outside of London, you can start donating your coats now or very soon: several of our stores are already set up and ready to receive your kind donations thanks to the Rotary Club. 

Rotary Club volunteers will be assisted by our Safestore team to store and sort all coats received at our stores as follows:

Between 7th October and 16th November Between 7th October and 30th November: sortingcoatsinunit759.jpgHuman Appeal volunteers will be based at some of our other stores to accept donations, supported by our teams, as follows: 

Between 11th November and 22nd November: They’ll also be organising collections in Leicester and Glasgow.

Other collection points

Several satellite branches of the Wrap Up campaign have been set up to accept donations in various venues across the UK, including: Please help
If you have any spare or unused coats, please find your nearest donation centre and bring them down on the dates when we can accept them. Any coats stored at Safestore will be kept clean and dry until they can be given directly to those who need them this winter.

Over the years:

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