Safestore & Wrap Up 2019

Safestore & Wrap Up 2019
For a 9th consecutive year, Safestore has been supporting Hands On London and its associated partners with their annual Wrap Up campaign, which aims to deliver warm coats to those most in need across the country. This year’s campaign has been a massive success with more coats collected than ever before!
wrap-up-pic-3-low-res-(1).jpg   Safestore is proud to be able to help this worthy charity by providing space for donated coats to be stored and sorted before being distributed to men, women and children in the UK who would otherwise not have a warm coat to wear this winter.

Last year we collected over 27,000 coats in London alone bringing the total across the UK to 36,000. 

And this year, the total collection is closer to 45,000 coats!!

What is Wrap Up?

The Wrap Up campaign’s aims are simple: to encourage people to donate coats, and to ensure that those coats reach the people who really need them.  Many people donate their old coats to their local charity shops (which is far better than sending them to landfill), but those coats tend to be sold rather than given to people who can’t afford to buy them.

Wrap Up and its associated charities ensure that the coats end up on the backs of people who are in genuine need of them.


Where is Wrap Up based?

Although Wrap Up was originally based in London (as that’s where Hands On London was established), the rapidly growing annual campaign has spread much further afield. Last year, there were major campaigns in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. This year, with the help of the Rotary Club and Human Appeal, even more areas of the UK will be covered including London tube stations, meaning more vulnerable people than ever are set to receive coats this winter.


Who receives the coats?

Since it launched, Hands On London (which promotes community-based volunteering), has received and distributed over 180,000 donated coats to those in need. The Wrap Up volunteers work tirelessly to collect, transport and sort the donated coats so that they can be distributed to local charities that have contacts with homeless, elderly and otherwise vulnerable people such as children living in poverty and refugees

Those charities can give the coats directly to anyone who needs them, and can offer other forms of support if necessary. Wrap Up ensures that the charities are given only as many coats as they can realistically distribute so that nothing goes to waste or languishes in charity shops.


How many coats were collected this year?

During the campaign, Safestore provided FREE storage space at several locations to facilitate the sorting and packing of thousands of coats donated nationwide and the tally below shows just how generous the general public are this year:
  • London: 32,000
  • Greater Manchester including Bolton, Worsley and Stockport: 7,876
  • Manchester Altrincham, Old Trafford and Oldham: 1,824
  • Glasgow: 1,001
  • Birmingham: 560
  • Cardiff: 550
  • Lancashire including Burnley and Preston: 526
  • Bath: 500
  • Essex: 400

Safestore’s Digital and Marketing Director, Shadid Kadodia said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to assist with such an important campaign once again this winter. With so many people in need in the Lancashire area, these coats will make a real difference. We could not have done it without the wonderful members of the public pulling together to make this happen ‐ a big thank you to everyone who donated.”
Jon Meech, CEO, Hands on London said:

“To most, the winter cold can be uncomfortable, but for some of the country’s most vulnerable people, it can be the difference between life and death. Our campaign aims to reach those in desperate need during the winter months, and we are so grateful for the response we have received for the ‘Wrap Up London’ campaign. Thanks to the outpouring of generosity from the local community, as well as the donation of space from Safestore, we will be able to help thousands of men, women and children in the local area this winter.”
Keep watch for next year’s campaign as Safestore look forward to supporting the Wrap Up coat collection once again!


Over the years:

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