Trade Show Success: Storage Solutions for Promo Materials

Trade Show Success: Storage Solutions for Promo Materials
Trade shows are a proven way of connecting with new customers and a great way to increase brand awareness. You can also learn a lot from your competitors and see what others in the industry are doing that might be worth investing in or developing for your business.

Exhibiting at a trade show in the UK is not cheap, though. Fees range (depending on the size and nature of the show) from £100 to £500 per square metre. 

When considering the cost of exhibiting at a trade show in the UK, it's important to factor in a range of expenses from basic to premium options. Starting with smaller, budget-friendly booths, prices can begin at a few hundred pounds for a simple setup with basic amenities.

As you move up, mid-range options, which include larger stands and additional features such as custom designs and enhanced graphics, can range from several thousand pounds.

For high-end, bespoke exhibition stands with advanced features like interactive displays, premium locations, and comprehensive marketing collateral, costs can climb to tens of thousands of pounds. Careful planning and budgeting are essential to ensure you choose the best option that meets your needs and maximizes your impact at the trade show.

But what are the best promotional materials to use at a trade show, and how should they be stored before and after the event?

Promotional materials to use at a trade show

The materials you take to a trade show need to do one (or more) of these four things:
  1. Promote awareness of your brand and products/services;
  2. Provide information to generate interest;
  3. Contain a ‘call to action’;
  4. Sign up potential customers for further contact/promotions;
You could take any or all of the following materials to your next trade show, and these will meet one or more of the objectives above:
  • Your booth—depending on what arrangements are possible with the venue, this could be delivered directly to the exhibition centre or you could arrange to bring it with you to set up on the day. Some shows provide standard booths that are already in place when you arrive, so you’ll just need to furnish them.
  • Banners and other furnishings for your stand/booth, such as lighting (extra lighting can be eye-catching and set your stand apart from your competitors). Use lightweight, durable materials in colours that match your brand identity.
  • You can offer samples of your product (if appropriate/possible) or giveaways such as sweets, pens, keyrings, etc. to draw people in and keep them there long enough for you to capture their interest in your business.
  • Brochures with more detailed information about your products/services and/or flyers with promotional rates for show attendees.
  • A set of quality business cards (make sure to include contact details, social media tags and a web address!).
  • A laptop and power cable to record information such as customer email addresses as and when provided.
  • Pens, paper, velcro (to stick things to your booth if you’re using fabric boards) and a screen if you’re projecting digital information for your customers.
  • Take things you might need to patch up or repair your signage during the day, such as sellotape and staplers.
  • Comfy shoes, water and snacks will keep you going through the day!
Try to wear something that coordinates with your brand colours, and wear a name tag with your job title so that customers can easily identify you.

Storing your trade show materials

If you’ve invested in a booth, furnishings (banners, posters, etc.), and promotional materials for a trade show, you’ll want to get good value for the money you’ve spent. These items aren’t priced to be disposable; you should be able to use them on multiple occasions and only need to top up things you’ll give away to customers, such as flyers and business cards.

Your promotional materials and stand must be stored carefully to avoid creases or damage. If you don’t have a clean, dry space (and/or enough room) in your offices, you might consider renting a self storage unit.

Benefits of a self storage unit for promotional materials 

Our self storage units are indoors, within large stores located close to major road networks, making it easier for you to work out the logistics of transporting your trade show promotional materials to the venue. All our units have temperate climates and are covered by CCTV, fire and pest control measures.

We have pallet trucks available and trolleys that will help move your materials from the lorry/van to the unit. If you wish, you can furnish your unit with tables, shelves, drawers, or cupboards to keep things organized. 

We have units in various sizes, so if you’ve bought or built a stand that you’d rather keep in one piece rather than disassemble and reassemble every time you use it, you can safely store it with us. Our team members can help you choose the best unit size for your needs based on what you want to store. If you’d like to chat with us online or give us a call, 

You can access your storage unit whenever you like (365 days a year) within our normal opening hours. After the show, you can arrange for the materials to be shipped back to the store and our helpful team members can keep them safe until you arrive to return them to your unit. 

Can we help?

If you think a self storage unit may be a good option for your trade show materials or for anything else you need to store for your business (e.g. archives, equipment, tools and stock), please get in touch. We can give you all the information you need with no obligation, and if you decide to rent a unit with us we can help you find the most conveniently located store within your budget.


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