Colin and His Cars

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About the collection

Colin Hughes, 43, works in IT and is the image of a suburban husband and dad. He also happens to own over 1,200 slot cars. He collects everything from classic rally to modern GT, LeMans, and prototypes… anything that’s got four wheels and looks good.

He calls himself a petrol head and started collecting cars 6 months after getting into racing.  The cars were being damaged and he liked them to be pristine so he started buying one to race and one to go on the shelf.  And the collection snowballed from there. 

“Oh, when I pop me clogs the children have got a great inheritance; it’ll be worth a fortune by then!"

The first car he bought was a Scalextric limited edition Corvette L88.  Colin’s favourite car is his sterling silver Dodge Viper. They only made 300 and it’s made out of handcrafted sterling silver. His wife bought it for him as a wedding present, so it holds a special place in his heart.

The full interview with Colin can be found over on our 'Social Stuff' Hub.

Slot Car Collector
Colin Hughes Slough
Colin Hughes
Number of Slot Cars owned 1200
Collecting for how long? Since 2008
Meters of track owned 500m
Total storage space need 16 sq ft
Most valuable item Dodge Viper £800

Favourite Item:

Sterling Silver Dodge Viper
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