Hallway Storage Hacks

Hallway Storage Hacks
Your hallway is an entirely functional space as you don’t really spend any leisure time there. It is a space for transition – you’re coming in from a day at work, or you’re on your way out. It therefore needs to be as useful as possible, with space for bags, coats, shoes and keys. Take a look at our favourite Hallway Storage Hacks from around the web.

Locker Style - The Family Handyman


If you have kids, it is much easier to encourage them to be organised if they have specific places for their stuff. A locker style storage unit is perfect for this. Use a bookcase and arrange the shelves in a way that works for you, for instance with a big space and a hook for hanging coats.

Storage Bench - Do It Yourself

storage-bench-(1).jpgThis is a kitchen cabinet turned on its side. With a chain to keep the door slamming on to the floor, a magnet to keep it closed and a cushion on the top, it’s a ridiculously easy way to have two in one furniture!


Console Table with Hooks - Skona Hem


This is simple but really effective. If space is an issue in your entryway, then a shelf with hooks underneath kills two birds with one stone – somewhere to put your post and your keys, as well as hooks for bags or children’s coats.

Key Frame - Craftgawker.com


A really easy, beautiful way to make sure that you don’t lose your keys. Simply find a small, solid wooden frame that will accommodate the number of hooks that you need.

Letter Holder - Buzzfeed

Make your own letter holder using an old book. Easy to make with a stunning result! All you then have to do is pop it on top of a shelf or a storage holder and you’ll have a stylish yet practical letter holder that all the family can use. What could be simpler?

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