How self storage can help when a family member dies

How self storage can help when a family member dies

How Safestore can help in difficult times

Dealing with the aftermath of a family death can be extremely stressful; find out how self storage can help you when a family member dies, giving you time and space to store their belongings until you decide what to do next.

Selling a property

After a family bereavement, secure local storage may not be your priority. But if you are planning to sell on a property, self storage becomes a viable and effective way of aiding the house selling process.

According to buyers’ first impressions are key – usually made within 7-10 seconds of arriving - when looking at a potential property. What’s more, a survey conducted in 2011 by found that de-cluttering the property can improve the sale value by 872%.

So now you know it’s worth de-cluttering the house, what are you going to do with the belongings and furniture? There’s no need to call in a house clearance, especially when items may have sentimental or financial value.

Why not consider using a local self storage centre to keep the belongings and valuables in a secure unit, while you are in the process of selling the house and decide what to do with everything later on. Remember, when storing with us, our insurance will only cover the replacement value new for old for items but nothing for items which are irreplaceable or of personal sentimental value.

Renting a property

Self storage can also help when a family member dies if you are planning to rent the property out rather than sell it. When looking for a quick turnaround, clearing the house of their belongings allows you to evaluate the property and decide if any work needs doing – new kitchen, plastering, and flooring - before you rent it out.

This is where self storage can help you and your family. You can move in on the day if there is space, and with a choice of long or short-term contracts, you only stay as long as you need the space for. This allows you time to get the property lettable and to market as quickly as possible.

Debts and bills

Selling a house isn’t necessarily a priority after a family death, however what if selling the property is your immediate task? You may have mounting debts, or the deceased may owe money that needs paying.

As mentioned above you’re more likely to sell your house quicker if it’s decluttered. If looking for a quick sale, self storage offers a convenient and safe place to store the deceased’s belongings and furniture.

Resale value

Self storage can also help store belongings which you hope to sell on in the future. Finding the right place to sell items will maximise your chances of getting the most for your items.

Obviously this would require you to sell goods at various car boot sales, auctions or ebay, and it’s unlikely that these would all occur at the same time.

Whatever your choice, having the goods within touching distance in the short term in a secure unit, ensuring you have the best opportunity to sell at the best price to the right market.

Safestore memories

Some items left behind by a family member may help financially but there will be others that have sentimental value. Self storage offers an affordable and secure service for you to safely store the memories of your loved one.

How Safestore can help

Understandably you may have concerns about leaving family possessions with a storage company, however Safestore are here to help. At Safestore you’re the only person to have a key to your storage room, so you know your goods are safe and secure.

In addition, Safestore are a gold trusted member of Feefo - an independent rating system for customer service - so you can feel comfortable in the help of highly trained staff members who will advise you on the size of storage you need.

The storage centres are monitored with 24 hour CCTV and you will get access to your storage 7 days a week during opening hours allowing you the flexibility you require.

So if you’re stuck with lots of items after a family member dies, Safestore self storage can help you with this burden, giving you both the peace of mind that their belongings are safe, and the time for you to decide what to do with them.

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