A Case Study - Laerdal Medical

A Case Study - Laerdal Medical

The different business that use our storage units

The majority of our customers use Self Storage for house moves, decluttering and business storage - all very purposeful uses which are commonplace in our stores nationwide.  However, Laerdal Medical is one customer that has grabbed the attention of our store staff in Plymouth.  Recently spotted wheeling life-like, bloodied mannequins in and out of the store, our staff simply couldn’t resist finding out more.
‘He gets some strange looks when he is wheeling them in/out of his unit on a stretcher’. Tanya Pick, Store Manager


Laerdal Medical is a global manufacturer of medical equipment aiming to save lives through the advancement of resuscitation and emergency care. Since its creation of the pioneering and now world famous Resusci Anne in 1960, many more innovative solutions have followed with the aim of improving and supporting education for Healthcare Professionals around the world.
‘Today, Laerdal Medical is dedicated to helping save lives with products for CPR training, Airway Management, Advanced Life Support Training, Spinal Motion restriction, Trauma Training, Monitoring, Defibrillation, Patient Simulation made for using traditional basic, intermediate and advanced training techniques combined with micro simulation and virtual reality.


 Our mission as we move towards 2020 is to help save 500,000 more lives every year.  Here in Plymouth, Leigh Rickards, our National Armed Forces Manager/South West Manager stores his demonstration mannequin, in a 100sq ft unit, often giving the staff a look-see at some of the new and improving medical simulation mannequin and explaining their capabilities.’

‘These mannequins are awesome, they can be made to cry, speak, blink, sweat and even sound like they are vomiting. They can probably do a whole lot more but that’s what we have seen. He even has one that is pregnant and can deliver a baby!’  Tanya Pick, Store Manager
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