An Interview with the Chair of FFLAG

An Interview with the Chair of FFLAG

Safestore proudly supports FFLAG

On the face of it Self Storage may not seem that interesting but when you start delving a little deeper and learning more about the people, businesses and charities that use our units we're sure you will agree that it's fascinating.  We hope you enjoy our instalments of 'Behind the Blue Walls' where we will be sharing our customers' stories with you.




Sorrel Atkinson, mother of four from Cornwall, always thought she would be fine if one of her children was gay but when her son came out 10 years ago, her reaction took her by surprise.  Initially, Sorrel took the news as she thought she would – calm and accepting.  It wasn’t until she said it out loud that she burst into tears.

However she wasn’t crying because her son was gay but because of how people and society may treat him.  A lot has changed in the last 10 years – rights have evolved and people’s perceptions are changing - but there is still a way to go. 

Sorrel, has 4 kids, describing them as 3 who ‘happen’ to be straight and one who ‘happens’ to be gay.  All she has wanted for her son was for him to be entitled to the same things as his siblings.


How FFLAG Helps

At this point she got in touch with FFLAG, a small grassroots charity who have been supporting family and friends of Lesbians and Gays for over 20 years.  FFLAG don’t offer ‘advice’ or ‘counselling’, however act as a listening service manned by friends and family who have gone through similar experiences.  Speaking to Safestore, Sorrel said that it was invaluable to be able to speak to someone who knew exactly what she was going through.

Following on from her own experience with FFLAG and realising what an amazing resource it is to parents, friends and family who are struggling to come to terms with a love one’s sexuality, she has been volunteering ever since and has been a Trustee since 2007, recently taking the role of Chair.

FFLAG try to attend as many Pride Events as they can and store pop-up/marching banners and literature in one of our self storage units in Bristol.  They’re well known within the LGBT community and are often welcomed with a hug.

To top off a lovely story, Sorrel is currently more proud than ever as her son has recently announced his engagement, telling us ‘he’s going to be getting married just like his siblings - not a civil partnership, but an actual wedding’.  So a big congratulations to the Atkinson family is in order!

Photo courtesy of BJPCorp


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