Wait! Don't throw that out! Upcycle it!

Wait! Don't throw that out! Upcycle it!

People put their possessions into storage for various reasons: to keep belongings clean and dry during renovations; to store seasonal items (like Christmas decorations or holiday clothes) or to keep tools and equipment somewhere secure. But perhaps one of the most common reasons people use storage facilities is to enable them to keep things they don’t want to throw away because they might turn out to be useful “later”

Throwing away an item that is too big, too small or the wrong colour for your current decor not only fills up landfill space, it can also turn out to be very frustrating when it transpires that the very same item would have been just perfect as an upcycled coffee table, shoe cupboard or shelving unit. Yet keeping stuff in your home ‘just in case’ it turns out to be useful at some undefined time in the future can quickly leave your home cluttered and your cohabitees loudly questioning how many lampshades or guitars a house should really contain.

Putting those potentially useful or beautiful possessions into storage, rather than taking them to the tip or hiding them strategically around your house, leaves your options open for “later” - and this is precisely what so many of our customers use our storage facilities for. Having the option of using a storage facility also opens up the opportunity to buy those occasional items you might spot when out shopping that will be just perfect when you have the time to paint, renovate, repurpose or repair them - you can just pop them into storage until you have that time to spare!

If you've stored anything for future use, have a look at these upcycling ideas we've pulled together from Pinterest and see if we can inspire you to choose one or two of your treasures and make something amazing for your home.

Do check out our Furniture Storage page if you have questions about storing your furniture. Or, if you require storage we have a range of self storage options in over 100 locations – find your nearest store for a quote today.

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