How to store furniture

How to store furniture

If you need to store furniture for any length of time, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure that your furniture remains in good condition.  

In Summary
1. Decide where to store your furniture
2. Search for “Furniture storage near me"
3. Decide how much space you’ll need
4. Arrange transport for your furniture
5. Clean your furniture
6. Make your furniture easier to handle and store
7. Keep your furniture off the ground
8. Wrap your furniture
9. Aim for efficient furniture storage


1. Decide where to store your furniture

Keeping your spare furniture in your garage, loft, basement or spare room may work for short periods of time if you have the space.  But for long term storage, or if you have a lot of furniture to store, you may need to look at other storage options.

Storing furniture in a self storage unit can be ideal if you’re renovating a property, moving house or downsizing and need storage facilities for the medium- to long-term. They’re secure, clean and accessible during store opening hours, and indoor self storage units are ideal for furniture storage.

2. Search for “Furniture storage near me”

Ideally, you’ll need to find a self storage store that’s easy to reach and where you’ll be the only person who can access your individual unit.

To find furniture storage facilities near you, you can use our store finder by entering your postcode or nearest town. If you think you’ll need help with unloading large items into your unit, check whether your chosen self storage store has features such as drive-up room access, units with double door entry, wide aisles and lifts, or ground floor units with loading bays.

3. Decide how much space you’ll need

Choose the size of your unit carefully so that you don’t damage your furniture by cramming too much into the space.  We have a size calculator that you could use to work out how much square footage you’d need, or we have experienced staff online and on the phone who can offer advice on the ideal size of unit for you, based on how much you need to store. 

4. Arrange transport for your furniture

If you’ve decided to store your furniture in a storage unit, you’ll need to arrange transport.  Can you fit everything into your car, or will you need to hire a van?  Can you lift your items easily, or are there heavier items that you’ll need help with?  Hiring a van (with or without someone to load and drive it) may be far easier and less time-consuming than making multiple trips by car.  If you decide to choose Safestore for your furniture storage, we have arrangements with Europcar for our customers.  

5. Clean your furniture

This is not only to make your life easier when it’s time to unload your unit!  Thoroughly cleaning your furniture before placing it into storage is vital if you want it to remain in good condition.  

Any source of damp or mould will only get worse over time, so ensure that your furniture is completely free of mud, and totally dry.  Also make sure that any food crumbs or other debris are removed - if you’re planning to store a sofa, for example, make sure you take the seats off and vacuum every crevice.  If you suspect that any of your wooden furniture has woodworm or other infestations, get it treated before you store it, or those pests will infest your other belongings too.

Use warm, soapy water to clean wooden furniture and (when dry) use furniture wax to keep it moisturised and in good condition; give your fabrics a good clean with upholstery cleaner (make sure it’s completely dry before storing) and polish silver or metal objects to reduce tarnish through oxidation later. 

6. Make your furniture easier to handle and store

If any of your furniture, such as bookcases, wardrobes, desks and chairs, can be taken apart then do so before you store it.  This will make it much easier to transport, and you’ll find that you can use the space inside your storage unit far more effectively.  

You’ll thank yourself later if you store any screws in a plastic bag and tape it firmly to the relevant part of the furniture; also draw arrows or little notes in pencil on the furniture or on a piece of paper to remind yourself later of how to reassemble it.

You could economise on space by storing smaller items inside desk drawers, which will provide those smaller items with extra protection - though it’s best to do this once you’re inside your storage unit to make larger items easier and lighter to transport.

7. Keep your furniture off the ground

Once you’re ready to move into your storage unit, lay a protective layer on the ground to raise your furniture off ground level to protect it.  You could lay a tarp or cardboard on the floor, or use pallets if you have them.

8. Wrap your furniture

Use bubble wrap to protect delicate items such as glass table tops or mirrors.  Invest in some dust sheets (such as those you’d use in decorating) to cover larger items to prevent dust settling on them, or use old bedsheets and duvet covers.  Avoid using plastic coverings as these can trap any lingering moisture.

9. Aim for efficient furniture storage

Large items such as mattresses and sofas should be stored vertically and kept around the edge of your storage room to make space for broader or heavier items.  Similarly, store paintings and mirrors vertically to prevent them from being damaged over time. If possible, try to anticipate whether you’ll need to remove some items before others, and place those items closer to the door for easier access.


Storing furniture in a storage unit doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful but if you follow the above tips it will help to ensure the safety and condition of your stored items. If you have any questions our friendly team are always on hand to help you with your storage needs.

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