12 Reasons to use self storage after Christmas

12 Reasons to use self storage after Christmas
Isn’t it strange how our attitude towards Christmas decorations changes so abruptly after we return to reality after the holidays? 

First of December - “Ooh, sparkly! How festive! That six-foot Santa holding a Christmas tree would look amazing next to the fireplace! Oh, and a neon red reindeer is exactly what the garden has been missing all these years!”

Coming home after the first day back at work in January - “Ugh. That Santa is seriously creepy. How soon can we put all this stuff away? The sixth?!”
Even seeing decorations in the sales can be off putting, and we quickly eschew with considerable disdain all the ‘tacky’ things we’d have happily handed over cold-hard cash for in December. The house goes from looking inviting and festive, to cluttered and overwhelmingly cheerful, and by the twelfth night we’re all more than ready to put everything away.

But where exactly does one store a stack of four-foot-high garden candy canes? Or a ten-foot inflatable snowman? What about all the baubles, ornaments and of course the Christmas tree*?

Where to store your Christmas decorations

If you’ve got a house full of decorations - or maybe you’re an online retailer or small business with excess Christmas stock that nobody will want to buy again until next December - and you’re wondering where the heck you’re going to store it all for the next 12 months, look no further! 

A self-storage unit might be the perfect solution

Why? Well, in honour of the 12 Days of Christmas, here are the 12 most persuasive reasons why self storage is the best place to keep your Christmas decorations.
  1. You can keep everything out of the house - that Santa really does look creepy.
  2. Those impulse-bought enormous decorations (like the life-sized nutcracker or inflatable snowglobe) are unlikely to fit comfortably in your cupboards, and you probably need your spare room for other things (like guests).
  3. Your loft is terrifying, and getting up and down safely is a gamble even when you’re not carrying Rudolph.
  4. Your shed may not be secure (people will steal anything these days).
  5. Your shed is exposed to the elements and vulnerable to pests - you don’t want to find a family of mice in the tree, mouldy baubles, or moths in Santa’s jacket next year!
  6. You can keep everything together so you can see at a glance how much you have, making it less likely that next December you’ll think you ‘need’ another set of baubles.
  7. Fragile items are less likely to be damaged, because you won’t have to cram everything into a space that’s too small.
  8. You don’t just have to store Christmas decorations - you can store other items you don’t use often, like sporting equipment, camping gear or Hallowe’en bits and bobs.
  9. You can access your self storage unit at any time throughout the year, so you can add to it or remove things if needed, or you can leave everything safe and sound till 31st November.
  10. You don’t have to throw anything away just because you don’t have the space to store it. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment!
  11. Your unit will be indoors, safe from the elements, clean and dry - so your tree lights will still work.
  12. At Safestore, we offer a 20% off long-term discount for stays over 52 weeks!
We have stores all over the UK, all located close to major road and rail networks, so there should be a store conveniently located for you. Ho-ho-hopefully you’ll want to store your Christmas decorations with us until you’re ready to trim up your house again at the end of the year.

Happy new year!

*If you had a real tree this year, you won’t need to store it, of course. You just have to drag it through the house, shedding needles all the way, and then leave it in the garden for a few weeks while you consider how to get rid of it. Was the pine smell worth it, on reflection?

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