7 Clear Signs It's Time to Pack Up and Move

7 Clear Signs It's Time to Pack Up and Move
We all have a different idea of how long is ‘normal’ to stay living in the same place. Some people might get itchy feet every couple of years, whilst others can live happily in the same place for decades. What is it, then, that makes any of us feel it’s the right time to move house? After all, moving house is a major transition to deal with, and human nature generally favours maintaining the status quo unless there’s a pressing need for that to change. 

So, what are the signs you’re waiting for, or looking for, to push you from a state of being settled at home, to a state of checking every estate agent website or window? Here are 7 signs that it might be the right time for you to move house.

1. The bills are piling up

You’ve followed all the tips on how to cut your household energy bills: you’ve spent winter huddled under a heated blanket, clutching a hot water bottle, and you’ve repeated the mantra “Heat the person, not the house,” so often you’re beginning to wonder if those will be your dying words. You’ve hung washing out rather than used the dryer, and bought an air fryer rather than use the oven. Yet still your gas and electricity bills have been extortionate. 

If you don’t need all the space in your home, downsizing might be the best way to cut your bills. You could benefit from lower council tax bills and lower water rates, and heating a smaller house is bound to be cheaper. 

Even if the day-to-day bills are manageable, you might be aware that there are some whoppers coming. When was the last time you had your double-glazing replaced? Does your wiring need an upgrade? The bricks need repointing, the roof won’t last another winter…

Do you want to spend thousands of pounds to look after what you’ve got, or cut your losses and move on?

2. You’ve had a major life change

You might be considering downsizing - not just to cut the bills, but because you’ve had a change in your family life. Perhaps your children have flown the nest, or maybe you’ve gone through a separation or divorce. 

You might be in the opposite situation and be considering moving to a larger home - to accommodate a new relationship, a new baby, or elderly relatives moving in.

Alterations to your home might be an option, but you might feel like the changes to your life warrant a fresh start. If the idea of moving to a home that has everything you need is really appealing, this is the right time for you to make that move. 

Remember that using self storage can help with the practicalities involved in downsizing or coping with the transition of major life events. Store your belongings for as little or as long as you need, to give yourself time to find the right house and make positive decisions about what possessions you want to keep for your new life ahead, and which items you can safely leave in the past.

3. The new neighbours are awful

They say that you should never leave a good job just because you don’t like your colleagues. The same is definitely not true of moving house to escape nightmare neighbours. Your home should be a safe haven, and if your neighbours have made it feel less so then it may be time to move. You can’t just hope that they’ll move away - you have no control over their behaviour or decisions, you can only control how you respond to them.

If you’re moving to avoid nightmare neighbours, make sure you move somewhere where you won’t even have to drive past your old place. Dealing with terrible neighbours can be traumatic, and seeing your old neighbourhood could trigger the stress response that you’re moving to avoid.

4. You’ve emotionally ‘checked out’

You used to love your home - it had everything you needed, it was in the perfect location, it was the right size for your family, and you’d decorated it just how you liked. But something’s changed. 

Maybe it’s your family situation - perhaps your children are now teenagers who spend their lives in their bedrooms, so the large family room just isn’t being used, or they’ve moved out altogether. 

Or maybe it’s just you. You’ve done everything you wanted to do to the house, and you’re bored here. You fancy a change - perhaps a cottage somewhere by the sea, or a city apartment? 

Whatever the reason, you’re no longer in love with your house. You don’t want to redecorate again, you don’t much care if the carpets are thinning, you stop planting anything in the garden that you couldn’t take with you when you move house … it’s time to move on!

5. Your working life has altered

For many of us, working from home became normal during the pandemic and there is reluctance amongst many workers to return to the daily commute to the office. If you can work mostly (or completely) remotely, why on earth do you need to stay living in a house close to your workplace? Chances are, if you’re living in a commuter town, you could buy a much larger property further afield for the same money you’re spending now, or just save a lot of money on your mortgage by buying somewhere cheaper.

Compare the cost of travelling to your workplace once a week or so, to how much it would cost (in rent, mortgage, and bills) to move somewhere cheaper and that might be the push you need to move house.

6. You can’t do what you want with your house

Your home should be somewhere you feel safe, with enough space to live comfortably, and that has the amenities you want such as a garden and car parking spaces. If you’ve outgrown your home, or if the neighbourhood has changed over time, and you find you can’t use your house as you’d like, this might be the time to move. 

For example, you might want to build an extension but can’t get planning permission. Or, you might find it increasingly difficult to park outside your house: your teenagers might have cars of their own that won’t fit on the drive, or the limited on street parking is forever filled with commuters. Your garden might now be overlooked by newly built houses, or be affected by noise from a new / busier road nearby. You might just really want to be able to go to the loo without trailing upstairs, but there’s no room to build a downstairs WC.

If your house is no longer fit for purpose, this is a clear sign that it’s time to move house.

7. You’ve had a “what am I doing with my life?” moment

Have you ever found yourself gazing idly out of your kitchen window and thinking, “I could live anywhere in the world, so why the heck am I living here!”? The world is full of beautiful places. In the UK, we have everything you could ask for (except, perhaps, consistent weather): sandy beaches, rolling hills, ancient forests and thriving cities. 

Nothing in life is guaranteed, so make the most of your time and live the life you want to lead, in the location that would bring you the most pleasure. 

Self storage and moving home

If you feel the time is right to move house, pop your house on the market and start searching for your dream home. If your house sells before your new home is ready, you could put your household contents into a secure self storage unit for a few days or weeks until you’re ready to move in. We can also help to make your moving day smoother and cheaper.

Get in touch to chat with one of our friendly team for some free, no-obligation information and advice to help you make the best decisions for your next move.


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