​7 ways your storage unit can entertain your kids this summer

​7 ways your storage unit can entertain your kids this summer

Summer fun with items in your storage unit

It’s that time of year again; school holidays are waiting around the corner to test your sanity and rob your bank balance.  Whilst it’s great to have an opportunity to spend more time with your kids it can get rather expensive so we’ve been on the hunt for activities to entertain the kids whilst saving some pennies.

A customer got in touch with us recently as he had visited his self storage unit with his two year old daughter to pick something up.  To his amazement she had a great time, rediscovering old toys and playing with things she hadn’t seen in a while.

This inspired us to think outside the box - with a little time and imagination you’ll come away with loads of ideas to get you through the summer.

Here are a few to get you started…

1.  Never too old for dressing up!

Let’s face it – you’re unlikely to wear those clothes you’ve been saving for ‘skinnier’ days, or for old fads to come back into fashion.  Of course it’s a shame to leave clothes to rot with no purpose so why not use some of your old clothes, costume jewellery, hats and accessories to create a dressing up trunk for your kids.  Hours of fun!
2.  Just hanging!
Kids don’t need to be entertained 24/7 and should have a chance to just chill out, be bored and even watch a bit of telly (especially if it’s chucking it down).  See if you can find any old sheets, curtains or blankets and make indoor hammocks.  When it stops raining they can even use them in the garden or local park.

3.  Board games come alive!

Were you a teen in the 70s, 80s or 90s? Still hanging onto your skateboard for sentimental reasons?  See if you can find one or two, along with a crash helmet and few rogue laundry baskets, washing up buckets or pots and pans and get a few of your children’s friends over for the afternoon for a play date.

4.  Learn a new skill!

Remember that sewing machine that you inherited from your grandmother that you put into storage because you have know idea how to wind a bobbin, even though you can sing and act out every word of the kids song?  Now may be the time to get it out of storage, along with the stash of pillows and pillowcases you have and learn how to use it alongside your kids by making this ever so practical, useful and easy pillowcase (camping) beds.

5.  Seriously addictive!
You’d be hard pressed not to find any bubble wrap in your storage unit or laying around in the loft.  Dig out any you don’t need with a bit of packing tape and build a bubble wrap run - they’ll be entertained for hours and if not you can use it for a bit of stress release!

6.  A spot of interior design
Blow the dust off that old lamp that’s been sitting in your unit for years.  The shade has probably seen better days but you can get new ones for a reasonable price at the likes of Wilkos and Ikea and let your kids decorate the lamp shade it to match their bedroom décor using Sharpies, Gems or Old Comics. 

7.  Make Music
Are you guilty of keeping old pots of paint just in case you need to touch up a wall or two at home?  Some house paints will last up to ten years but in that time it is very likely that the wall paint will have faded and will no longer match the paint you have kept.  It may be a bit messy but if you can clean up the plastic buckets and paint tins you can make your own drum set

Before you do this, think it through very carefully, will you be able to stand the noise or will it push you over the edge?
Can you think of anything in your storage unit that you could use to entertain the kids this summer? If so, please do let us know in the comments below.

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