9 of The Best Moving Day Posts on Reddit Recently

9 of The Best Moving Day Posts on Reddit Recently

1. Definition of Impossible: Packing boxes with cats around

This was a decoy pile. Had to switch areas every time they caught on.

2. Not for the faint-hearted

Not what you want to see in a 100 year old freight elevator!

3. Sense of humour is essential

Love a good moving pun!

4.  Now is not the time for a game of Hide and Seek!

Uh, Nancy, I found your cats :(

5. How NOT to pack a Storage Space

0/10 - Try again. Actually, no, don't.

6. Someone has obviously never worked in Removals

What were they thinking?

7. Nothing is going to 'stop' us

No door stop? No problem!

8. A Hernia waiting to happen

The guy who packed these called in sick today, car trouble. I should call in tmr with back trouble.

9. At least the boxes are labelled clearly


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