Five reasons to move to Glasgow

Five reasons to move to Glasgow
Are you considering moving to Glasgow? It’s Scotland’s most populous city with a strong local economy, and its proximity to vast swathes of green space, national parks and forests, make it the ideal place to live and work. Here are five good reasons for moving to Glasgow:

1. Excellent transport links

The city is well served by its underground train network, and by the bus service. You can buy a monthly travel pass that will get you onto any train and bus in the city whenever you like, for around £50, making your daily commute highly affordable. The airport is well-connected: you could get to London in about an hour and a half, or fly direct to most worldwide destinations including Dubai, America and Canada. 

2. Affordable housing

Living in Glasgow is far, far cheaper than living in London and indeed in several major English cities. A one-bedroomed flat in the centre of Glasgow can cost from as little as £450 per month. Of course, some areas are more desirable than others to live, and families tend to gravitate towards the south of the city, where there are plenty of good schools, and house prices in those areas of high demand are consequently higher. Even so, the size and quality of those houses represent very good value for money, and many people who move here from London comment that they can buy a lot more square footage for their money than they could in the English capital.

3. A great place to study

Glasgow is home to three major universities (University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Strathclyde) and several major colleges, so it’s a hub of student activity. There are stricter laws relating to alcohol sales and consumption in Scotland than in other parts of the UK (you can’t buy alcohol after 10pm in shops or 11pm in pubs, and it’s an offence to drink or have an open container of alcohol in public places within the city), students can still make good use of the central location and amenities of this thriving, vibrant city.

If you’re moving to Glasgow to study, it’s worth remembering that you can store your belongings in a self storage unit during the holidays to keep them safe when you go home for the holidays.

4. Easy access to nature

The name ‘Glasgow’ means ‘Dear Green Place’ in Gaelic, and it’s easy to see why it’s so named. Within the city, there are over 90 parks and green spaces available to the public. The oldest of these is Glasgow Green, right in the city centre. Elsewhere in the city, notable parks include Victoria Park, the Botanical Gardens, Pollok Country Park, and the Necropolis (an amazing Victorian cemetery that also offers fantastic views across the city). The Forth and Clyde Canal offers a nice waterside stroll in the city.

Out of the city itself, it’s easy to drive to some of Scotland’s most scenic areas including Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and even the Cairngorms.

5. Friendly locals

The accent may take some getting used to, but you’ll have plenty of opportunity for that. Glaswegians are well known for being welcoming, friendly and talkative. Be careful when discussing sport to be sure not to tread on the toes of Rangers/Celtic fans — find out which team they support before extolling the virtues of their rivals! 

If you’re moving to Glasgow and need somewhere safe, clean and dry to store your belongings during the move (or whilst you redecorate and get settled), we have four stores in the area at an affordable, weekly cost. Our local teams are as friendly and welcoming as any other Glaswegian and will make you feel right at home if you need us.

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