Is Milton Keynes a good place to move to?

Is Milton Keynes a good place to move to?

Are you thinking about moving to Milton Keynes?

It’s a nice place to visit, certainly - there are plenty of things to do and see. But what makes Milton Keynes a good place to live even after you’ve seen and done all the touristy things? 
Milton Keynes sometimes gets a bit of a bad write-up. One criticism often levelled at it is that it lacks the same sort of history and sense of identity as more established UK cities. It is, after all, a relatively young city having been manufactured from scratch by the government in post-War Britain. Don’t let that put you off, though - what it might lack in History* is more than made up for by:


You might hear people joke that one of the good things about Milton Keynes is that it’s easy to escape from! Indeed, its location was chosen as the site of a new town as it could be so easily connected to other parts of the UK via road and rail. That does make it very handy if you commute elsewhere or need to travel for work, yes, but Milton Keynes is a place you’ll want to come home to.
It’s a pretty compact city (around 8 miles from north to south) with roads and cycle paths that were actually planned rather than just being cobbled together as needed. 
Residents can get from A to B anywhere in the city on their bikes or walking without having to take their life into their own hands on the roads. The roads themselves run pretty smoothly because roundabouts take the place of traffic lights and the people who live here actually know how to use them!
There are loads of greenspaces and bodies of water to enjoy here. There are also some really picturesque suburbs like Campbell Park (with its green spaces and canal walks), Stony Stratford (for lovers of market towns and older properties) or Milton Keynes Village (with modern and traditional housing ideal for families and a very easy commute via the M1). 

Cliff Notes/York Notes:
  • Milton Keynes is equidistant from London, Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Leicester.
  • You can take the train from Milton Keynes and be in London in well under an hour.
  • The road, rail and cycle networks are amazing.

Maths and Economics 

Employment rates in the area are very good. A large number of major employers in a wide range of industries mean that you can find work here in the city; the easy road and rail connections to London, Cambridge, Birmingham and Oxford mean you can easily commute if you work further afield.
House prices are generally affordable for the South East, and the variety of styles, sizes and age of properties in the city and suburbs should allow you to find something that’s right for your budget.
Housing strategies are in place and ongoing to build sufficient homes to keep housing affordable, and the environmental sustainability of those new houses is a key priority for Milton Keynes council.

Cliff Notes/York Notes:
  • 17% cheaper cost of living than in London.
  • 47% cheaper rent than London.
  • 78% in employment.

Computer Science

Milton Keynes is a major tech hub. So many industries are drawn here because of the proximity and connectivity to major cities and relatively low overhead costs, and several digital giants have settled here. 

Cliff Notes/York Notes:
  • Home to a cluster of digital tech companies such as:
    • Hewlett Packard
    • IBM
    • Apple
    • Tata
    • Google


 Milton Keynes has five different theatres to visit, and the MK Gallery hosts regular art and design exhibitions as well as cinema, family events, workshops and music productions. 
Physical Education
You can safely ride your bike pretty much anywhere in Milton Keynes, and there are plenty of green spaces to ride or walk around. 

If you prefer to shop while you walk, and take regular breaks for coffee and snacks, there are plenty of shopping and dining opportunities in Milton Keynes, including at the simply enormous indoor Centre:MK.

Cliff Notes/York Notes:
  • Stretch your legs at:
    • Campbell Park, 
    • Bradwell Park and Abbey
    • Ouzel Valley Park
    • Willen Lake
    • North Loughton Valley Park
    • Ouse Valley Park
    • Great Linford Manor Park
    • Grand Union Canal walks
  • Have fun while getting fit at:
    • Snozone (real-snow indoor ski-slope)
    • iFly (indoor skydiving)
    • Go-Karting


This is an excellent place to raise a family. Between all the green spaces (⅖ of the area is parkland or woodland) and excellent schools, family-friendly amenities and leisure activities for all ages, there will never be a need to hear “I’m bored!” during the holidays.
There’s a Gullivers Kingdom theme park, Xscape (cinema, bowling, restaurants etc), Go Ape, iFly and Snozone so you’re sure to find something to entertain the whole family.


Yes, Milton Keynes was a New Town back in the 1960s. That’s a lifetime ago now, though, and the population is more than settled. What’s more, Milton Keynes didn’t just spring up out of nothing - it encompassed several historic villages including Bradwell Village (and the Abbey), Great Linford, Loughton, and Milton Keynes Village to name but a few. Bletchley Park is a famous landmark in Milton Keynes - its role as the home of those who cracked the Enigma Code is of vital importance in the history (and present!) of our country.

Cliff Notes/York Notes
  • Milton Keynes is not just a New Town,
  • There are loads of reasons why you might want to move here,
  • If you need any help storing your belongings while you move (so you can clean, decorate or renovate your new home more easily), we have a store in the Bletchley area not far from IKEA, Dobbies Garden Centre and Bletchley Park!

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