Roll out the carpet

Accidents often happen in the home, meaning that your carpets will fall victim to them. Stains and spills will begin to accumulate over time, causing those shiny new rugs to lose their life after several years.

Generally, the faster you act on a stain, the more chance you will have to remove it. If it is a liquid stain, you should never rub it in as this will only cause the spill to spread. Instead, you should be blotting using a cloth or kitchen roll, working from the outside inwards. If there are any solid bulks, you should remove any excess initially with a blunt knife.

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Coating the issue

As the warm weather begins to pick up, you will start using your winter coats less and less. The problem however with such garments is the space that they can take up in your wardrobe.

Being quite large and heavy, you will find that you will want to shift such items so you can make way for your t-shirts and spring blouses. It is therefore important that you sift through all of your coats and jackets and determine what you no longer need. Work methodically and be sure to have three boxes ready. One will be for items that you want to throw away as they are beyond repair, whilst the second group will be items that you will no longer wear but can donate to local charity shops. The final group of items will be ones you want to keep for next winter so be sure to invest in a secure storage unit so that you can retain such garments without them clogging up your cupboard space.

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A toy’s story

It is spring cleaning time, which means only one thing: get rid of all those old toys that your children have been collecting.

Before you touch anything, it is always wise to sit down with your kids and compile a list of anything that they no longer play with. Children can be indecisive but the last thing you will want to do is throw out their favourite teddy. As your kids get older, they will need space for more important items, so be sure to work methodically through their stuff and place anything you no longer what in a bag so that it can later be donated to a charity store.

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First time buyers highest in over five years, says CML

The number of first time buyers in the housing market has risen to its highest level in five years, according to new figures by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

February saw the number of loans given out to first time buyers rise by 17 per cent, compared to the same time in 2012, whilst those climbing on the property ladder for the first time accounted for 43 per cent of all residential loans given out. The CML concluded that this was the best start to a year since 2008 when the global financial crisis hit.

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Home DIY this spring

This spring, beyond the general clean, it may be wise to give your home a new lease of life. Giving the walls a new coat of paint or bringing in some new design motifs in rooms will guarantee that you will become the envy of many neighbours and family members.

You can either choose to add small touches, such as a dash of coloured furnishings, which will bring your room back to life, or decide to implement a completely new design style to either your living room or a select bedroom.

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Home loans falling by 7% in the UK

Less and less people seem to be packing up their items for storage units it seems, as the number of residential mortgages taken out has fallen by seven per cent, according to the latest Mortgage Monitor from e.surv chartered surveyors.

It seems as though loan approvals are on the decline, as most households have chosen not to move along the property ladder. Analysts have suggested that this has been down to a series of reasons such as frozen wages, high inflation and house prices being on the rise in recent months. Many are waiting for this tough economic climate to improve, even if they already have secured qualification in achieving a loan. Furthermore, even though mortgage rates are available at both record lows and across a wide choice, many borrowers have been turning down applications in uncertainty.

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National Declutter Week comes to a close

This Sunday (April 14th) marks an end to National Declutter Week, but that does not mean that you cannot still get involved.

Many local charities and organisations are encouraging residents to sift through their homes and get rid of any unnecessary junk that may have accumulated over the year. Investing into a secure storage unit will further provide you with a space to store all the items before you figure out what to do with them. This weekend will be the perfect time to do a full spring clean of the home, ready for the summer months.

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TV star David Meade encourages residents to spring clean

BBC star David Meade is encouraging local residents to get involved in public spring clean projects, by removing litter at Solitude Park in Banbridge.
Helped by his four-year-old daughter Tilly, the star helped clean up the park and reinforced the importance of the community banding together to make an impact on their area.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Meade said: "I'm a bit lazy when it comes to the environment, but once you have kids you notice litter a lot more. But any time I'm in Solitude Park I see lots of people picking up rubbish and litter of their own accord. I think it's great to see the community taking ownership of it."

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Remove dust mites this spring

Dust mites are often a major problem for homeowners. They can cause major issues with those suffering from mild asthma, whilst allergic reactions are a regular occurrence.

Due to bedrooms being warm and humid places, your bed becomes the perfect place for dust mites to breed. This issue becomes even worse when you consider that you will sweat a quarter of a litre of moisture every night.

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New student halls for University of Salford

It won’t be long until students at the University of Salford will take their items out of storage units and get the chance to enjoy brand new student halls.

Kier Property and Graham Investment Projects have won a £64 million project that will see 1,400 new rooms, as part of a brand new Salford Village. There will be three tower blocks on the site, reaching up to ten storeys high, whilst full underground parking services will be available. Other plans include a new gateway building for the university campus which will feature a studio, theatre and performance spaces for both media and arts students.

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