The Ultimate Hiding Place for Christmas Presents 

Child searching under bed for Christmas Presents

It’s coming to that time of year when our thoughts turn to Christmas, unless you’re one of those people that does all of your Christmas shopping by June.  There’s so much to organise; booking your food shop, baking, planning travel, de-cluttering house for visitors, decorating the tree, writing Christmas cards and buying/ordering all of the presents for a start. 

Christmas really puts a strain on the space in your house.  Where are on earth are you going to put everyone and everything?  It’s like a giant game of Jenga.

It’s quite a challenge hiding Christmas presents from your loved ones.  We all know kids are curious, as are many adults and they’ll go looking for them.  The most popular choices of hiding places; on top of the wardrobe, under the bed or in the boot of the car really aren’t that hard to find!  Where does one hide a trampoline?  How do you wrap a bicycle so it’s not obvious?

The answer is simple…. rent a self storage unit for a couple of weeks running up till Christmas!  They’re incredibly convenient, affordable and flexible.
Don’t miss another delivery
Missed delivery on doorstep under mat

There is nothing more infuriating than missing a delivery, finding the dreaded ‘sorry we missed you’ card on the door mat, trying to organise a re-delivery or battling your way across town, trying to find parking that’s not on double yellows, having to queue up at the local sorting office to collect your parcel with the rest of town, when you have a million other things you could be doing.
‘But the truth is that there are widespread reports across the country that postmen are leaving ‘Sorry You Were Out’ cards unnecessarily’

This isn’t such a big issue if you work from home or have a neighbour that you trust/know that does and doesn’t mind your parcels being left with them.  But if you work full time, it’s difficult to justify taking time off to be at home to collect your parcels during a 4 hour window.

If you rent a storage unit with us we can accept deliveries on your behalf during our opening hours, put them in our safe holding room and you can collect when it’s more convenient for you.

Keep them safe
Burglar at Christmas breaking into house

Don’t risk leaving your gifts outside, especially if they’re valuable or you don’t have enough time to replace them if something untoward happens!  Some companies, when you order online allow you to opt to have it left outside in a safe, secure and out of site place. 

‘They left my rather expensive Sonos Stereo System in the recycling bin!

However, if you choose this option and something happens to the packages you may not be able to get a refund or replacement as you will have unknowingly accepted the risk.

'A father was shocked when his Amazon parcel was left in a filled dustbin by delivery men when he was out of the house……it could easily have been taken away by bin collectors the following day had he not returned home.’

Your gifts will be safe with us! Our facilities are covered by 24 hour CCTV, sophisticated alarm systems and our receptions are staffed during opening hours.  As the only key holder you have sole access to the unit.

Place to wrap and assemble
Family wrapping Christmas presents

It’s incredibly difficult to wrap presents away from prying eyes of children.  This isn’t such a problem if you have a spare room, garage or shed that you can lock yourself away in but many don’t.  Climbing in and out of the loft night after night to store and wrap presents is a real pain and runs the risk of you getting rumbled by your kids.

As you are only renting for a couple of weeks and are benefitting from our 50% off for the first 8 weeks*, you may decide to opt for a slightly larger room so you have the floor space to do a bit of wrapping at your leisure.  In the majority of our stores (do check with individual stores), we’re open later (8pm) on Thursday nights. 

Having the extra space will also give you an opportunity to assemble any of the smaller gifts that need assembling.  We wouldn’t suggest assembling a Wendy House in one of the units, as you probably won’t get it out of the door unless you have a larger unit with double doors and if you do manage to get it out of the building you’ll need to work out a way of transporting it to your house but could be done with a flatbed truck.

You’ll never run out wrapping materials

There is nothing worse than running out of paper or tape midst wrapping.  We have a selection of wrapping materials (tape, void fill, boxes, bubble wrap and paper) available to purchase in our reception areas.

It's simple to book

You can either enquire online (above) by entering your postcode, town or city in the search box above or you can call us on 0800 444 800 to get a no obligation quote.  Alternativley, pop into your local safestore at your convenience and we'll show you around.   When you're ready to book just come in with 2 forms of ID and the paper work shouldn't take more than 15 mins.

No Reservation Fee or Deposit Required

At time of booking you will not be asked for a deposit or reservation fee so you will not be locked in and can change your mind if you decide that you no longer need the storage.  

Do you have parcels you need to post?

If you have parcels you need to send overseas or in the UK, and don’t fancy queuing up at the post office or missed the last posting dates, we have DHL Service Points in all of our stores where you can send them from.  It’s simple and affordable!

Additional bonus
Freeing up space for family at Christmas spare room

If you have friends and family coming to stay over the holidays but you need to empty your spare room, aka the ‘dumping ground’ to make room for them, a slightly larger unit would allow you to hide your Christmas presents and free up space at home.
We really do think that self storage can help take some of the stress out of Christmas and give you a bit of breathing space.  

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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