There are a few different options when it comes to renting space to store your belongings for whatever reason.  You may have the option of outdoor storage, indoor or mobile self storage depending on your location and what you would like to store. 

Outdoor storage as the name suggests is generally outside and suitable for items like vehicles and machinery which are not normally permitted in indoor self storage facilities.

However, if you’re storing smaller or valuable belongings items, including household furniture, outdoor storage may not offer the level of security you would hope for.

Benefits of renting a Storage Unit 


All of our stores, with the exception of our Fareham location, the personal storage space is all indoors, within a vast warehouse complex that is locked within layers of security. Access to each site is strictly controlled. The reception area is staffed; the building is alarmed and fitted with monitored CCTV and your belongings are kept behind securely locked doors with a padlock owned by only you.


By storing your belongings in an indoor storage space, they will be protected from the elements with minimal risk of flooding or rain seepage.

Types of storage space for rent

Our storage units are all indoor cube or cuboid spaces with solid floors and walls. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can store anything from bedding, suitcases and a few boxes of belongings in a 10 sq ft space (perfect for students over the summer holidays) to bulk piles of stock in 500 sq ft or more (ideal for storing furniture during house moves). Shelving can be added to maximise the use of the space available, too.

We have a really useful guide to our storage sizes including videos and walkthroughs of the variety of spaces so that you can make an informed decision about which size of storage space is right for you.


A few reasons why people rent self storage units:

For example:
  1. It is a stress-free way to securely store your possessions when you don’t have space for them at home (Christmas decorations or gardening equipment are often kept in our smaller storage units, for instance).
  2. If you are emigrating temporarily, it can be cheaper to store your furniture ready for your eventual return than it would be to transport it abroad with you or to buy new furniture on your return.
  3. If you have sold your house but are awaiting completion of your purchase (perhaps because of a delay in the seller’s chain, or in the construction of a new-build) you may need somewhere to keep your contents whilst renting or staying with relatives.

Whatever your reason for requiring storage space to rent, we have over 120 stores nationwide so there is bound to be a store near you.  To find your nearest store simply add your post code, city or town in the search box above. 
Alternatively you can browse our full list of stores on our ‘Find a Store’ page or by city below. 
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