Bathroom Storage Hacks

Bathroom Storage Hacks

Make more room in your bathroom with these storage ideas

Everybody knows that the bathroom is always one of those rooms in the home that can become cluttered quite easily. As bathrooms are generally quite small rooms relative to the others in your home, a few poorly placed towels and shampoo bottles can really make your wet room feel cramped. So what can you do to prevent the build-up of clutter? Well, you can follow Safestore’s storage hacks for your bathroom, of course!

Magnetic Wall Strip - Babblebathroom 


This hack couldn’t be any easier or less expensive. With just a simple magnetic strip, you can tidy away all of your hair clips, eyebrow puckers and more, leaving your bathroom shelves nice and tidy.


Under-Bath Storage - Plumbworldbathroom


Your bath takes up a lot of space in your bathroom, so why not make the most of it. If the panels detach along the sides of the tub, you could attach hinges and store all manner of clutter under there


Toilet Storage Tricks - Building Schemebathroom 


Your toilet might just sit there taking up valuable space, but if you’re smart about it, you can build shelving around for those spare loo rolls you’ve got piling up in the corner.


Stylish Towel Wall Baskets - Simplydiy2bathroom


Baskets on the floor take up space and can become part of the clutter themselves, but if you put them on their sides and nail them into the walls, they can store those new towels you’ve been trying to find space for, and all without taking up any floor space.

Secret Tile Storage - Followpicsbathroom


If your bathroom is an odd shape so you’ve tiled over gaps, you might be able to make use of the space with a hidden compartment or two, covered over by a tile so that it blends right into your wall – Just remember to attach a handle or you’ll have a hard time opening up the space!


Bath Toy Storage - Pinterestbathroom 


Kids love bath toys, but there’s often nowhere for them to go when bath time is over. This simple but brilliant idea involves a tension rod, hooks and wire storage baskets offering a place for toys where they can drain and dry off in a convenient place.

Medicine Cabinet Hack - The Nesting Spotbathroom


If your bathroom is without a medicine cabinet, or you just have too much stuff for that tiny cupboard, then this idea from The Nesting Spot is for you. We love how many uses there are for these hanging shoe racks, but we reckon this is one of the best. It’s pretty self explanatory, but make sure you use a clear one so what you need is easy to find. Hang it on the back of your bathroom door, or the airing cupboard door.


Toilet Paper Shelfbathroom


This simple idea from the Family Handyman means just installing a deep shadow box frame and fitting it around your toilet paper holder. You now have a lovely place to place candles and books.

So there you have it – some great storage hacks for your bathroom. Of course, while you’re completing some of these jobs, you might realise that even these simple tips won’t be enough to de-clutter your bathroom, and if that’s the case, we have a storage room with your name on it.


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