Bedroom Storage Hacks

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Clever storage ideas for your bedroom

Wondering where your bedroom went? Is it under that pile of clothes and general debris that you’ve thrown in there without thinking? We thought so. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of favourite storage hacks for your bedroom.

This clever clogs has managed to retro fit storage in his bed. Within two days, the planning and fitting had been completed and he had WAY more storage than he had before.

Ladder Shelves - Love Letters to Home


If you have an old A-frame ladder lying around, this one is easy. Simply screw boards of the same width on the ladder steps, and take off the other side of the ladder. Lean it against your wall and you have a really cute shelving unit for next to nothing.

Clothing Rack – Chapter Friday

If you’re short on space, a clothing rack can keep the space rather more open, though you might have to organise your clothes first!

Wall Mounted Bedside Table - PoppyTalk


All you need for this is a piece of wood or mdf, and a bracket. Easy. It saves on floor space but gives you somewhere to pop a lamp too.

Frame Book Shelves - Pinterest


Take some cheap cube shelves and add a pretty frame around it and voila, you have some pretty shelves! Alternatively, make them from scratch and construct a cube with plywood and add decorative wooden mouldings to the edge.

Jewellery in a massive knot?  You may want to check out our Jewellery Storage Ideas Inspired by Nature

Do you have any great ideas for bedroom storage? If you have, why not share them below.


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