How families can use self storage to save space

How families can use self storage to save space

Create more space in your home with Self Storage

Space is at a premium for families with young children, so here at Safestore we explain how families can use self storage to help relieve stress, declutter your home and reclaim your hallway.

Store the toys and equipment

One of the biggest problems for a family with young children is the amount of toys and equipment you will acquire, and how quickly you acquire it. With family and friends showering you in gifts, you will soon be overrun all things baby. Self storage can help you store all of these bits and bobs to use at a later date, or for the next baby.

Store seasonal clothes

Another strain on home storage is the amount of clothes your children have. Not only do they outgrow clothes very quickly, but also clothes are seasonal. Storing large quantities of baby clothes isn’t easy. A storage unit can be used to store your family’s seasonal clothing, meaning extra space in the family home.

Relieve stress

A cluttered home is known to increase stress significantly. With a young family the potential for extra clutter is a real threat. If children's toys overrun your home, in addition to buggies and clothes, relieve your stress by using storage for the overspill in your home.

Do you need to move home?

If you are a small family with another baby on the way, it is not really realistic to buy a new home just because you need more space. Self storage can help your family save space, meaning you won’t have to take the more expensive decision to buy a bigger home.

Plan for the future

Are you planning to have more children? Don’t leave toys, clothes and buggies around the house taking up valuable space. And definitely don’t sell them or throw them away. Instead self storage offers an affordable solution to your problem, so you can plan for the future free from clutter.


At the other end of the spectrum, your children may be flying the nest meaning - like a lot of other British families – you’re downsizing. It’s likely once you move you will have too much stuff, a lot of which you will want to keep. Self storage can help Safestore memories you just don’t have enough space for now you have downsized.

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