Clever ideas for hiding Christmas presents

Clever ideas for hiding Christmas presents

How to Hide Christmas Presents

Christmas is nearly upon us and if you haven’t already started buying presents then you certainly will soon. However, when you get home with a boot full of pressies, you have to think very carefully about where to hide them. Whether your kids turn into detectives over the Christmas period or you just want to make sure your partner doesn’t accidentally-on-purpose find all their gifts, make sure they’re hidden securely away with these tips.

Wrap them up

If you’re concerned that there’s nowhere concealed enough to hide your Christmas presents, then wrap them up as soon as they enter your home. This might not prevent the present-seekers from altogether figuring out what they’ve got, but it does make it that little bit harder.

The usual suspects

As a kid, the first place that you’d look for Christmas presents is a place where you’re “not supposed to go”, i.e. under your parents’ bed or in their wardrobe. So, as a parent, don’t hide Christmas presents in these places unless you’re going to be really clever about it.

Where they don’t want to go

Think about your children, and the parts of the house that they may not like, or can’t get to. For instance, they may be scared of the dark, so they don’t go in the basement, making it a perfect place to hide presents. Likewise, it’s unlikely that they would have any cause to head to the garage unless they drive, so covering them with a waterproof sheet and hiding them in there could be a good bet.

In plain sight

Sometimes you don’t see the wood for the trees, and packing your gifts into boxes labelled “tax receipts” or something equally as boring will mean that kids won’t touch them. Alternatively, if you have storage solutions that can be temporarily taken over for presents, such as an unsuspecting filing cabinet, then this may work quite well too.

Make the most of empty space

Do you have any kitchen cupboards that are awkward to get to? These make the perfect present-hiding place for your children’s gifts. How about inside your holiday luggage? There’s loads of space in there, and as long as you’re not planning a winter getaway, they will never think to look.

Get them out of the house

If you’re really serious about surprising your children at Christmas, then store your presents outside of your house. It could be in the boot of your car, at the office, a neighbour’s loft, or you could even store them at Safestore self storage under lock and key for very little cost.

Where do you hide yours?

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