15+ Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets

15+ Ways to Upcycle Wooden Pallets

How to recycle wooden pallets

As a self storage facility we do see a lot of wooden pallets, they're incredibly useful; allowing our customers to keep items off the floor, stacking loose items and shrink wrap them together to make transport easier and more stable and they allow the forklift to easily lift things on and off lorries.

However, we do seem to get a surplus of them and they are not the easiest things to dispose of but we do have people that come by the stores to collect and upcycle them.  We were intrigued to see what could be made with a pallet and have compiled a few of our favourites below.


Ideas for Recycling a Wooden Pallet

pallet-headboard.jpgCreate this stunning headboard for your bed which adds an element of interest, rusticness and warmth to the room.
Tired of untangling all of your necklances, earrings and bangles?  This is a genius jewelery storage solution for organising them but also allows you to quickly see what you have and choose the perfect combination.  You'll probably find pieces that you'd completely forgotten about.

bathshelf.jpgThis Bath Shelf looks like the perfect end to a busy week; a warm bath, your favourite book and a bottle of red wine.  Just don't drop your book in the bath.

There is nothing more infuriating then dragging all of the spices out of the cupboard to find the one you are looking for right at the back.  This simple Spice Rack makes it easy to find them.

(via Pinterest)
Cover those hideous looking radiators, but still let the warmth in and provide useful shelf space.

hallwayorganiser.jpgMake the most of the limited space in your hallway with this Hallway Organiser, using the vertical space, it not only keeps everything orderly and accessible as you rush out the door but is also very visually appealing.

potandpanholder.jpgAgain making the most of vertical space, hang your pots and pans to free up valuable cupboard space and making them easier to access, plus it does look rather smart.

coffeecupholder.jpgAnd if you have any wall space left why not hang your coffee cups as well.

What a great way to store your wine and glasses in this stylish Recycled Wine Rack.  Speed is of essence when it's #wineo'clock

And lets not forget our four-legged friends a Recycled Bed fit for a King or Queen.
toolstorage.jpgThe ultimate Tool Storage Solution, you'll never lose a tool again.

bikerack.jpgTired of bikes and scooters lying all over the footpath and on the grass.  Hopefully this Recycled Bike Stand will encourage your kids to put them away.
Ultimate way to relax in the garden this summer.
These recycled planters are perfect for those with green fingers but have limited garden space, plant vertically! Slap on some brightly coloured paint and they really do become a feature.  You could also use as a herb garden.

gardentoolstorage.jpgKeep your garden tools from falling over and sliding down the shed wall by simply fastening the pallet to a wall.

bbqstation.jpgKeep all of the essential items for your BBQ (Wine and Beer) close by with this BBQ Station.

Keep your winter wood and kindly protected with a Recycled Wood Store.  Great if you have wood that isn't properly seasoned and you need to store it for a bit longer.

Have you seen any other good uses of wooden pallets? Are you inspired to try any of these?

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