How to Get Your Wardrobe Spring/Summer Ready

How to Get Your Wardrobe Spring/Summer Ready
We've teamed up with Melanie Wall from Styled by Mel based in Hertfordshire for our 3rd Fashion Instalment. On this occasion she's going to help us get through this awkward time of year with the everchanging weather and get our wardrobes Spring & Summer ready. Plus, she's thrown in a few ideas on how we can wear some of our winter staples through the summer. Read on!

More often than not, summer takes us completely by surprise, don't you think? One minute it feels like we're heading to bed whilst storm Doris has a complete diva style hissy fit outside our window and the next minute we're waking up to full-on sunshine and temperatures in double figures! And I ask you, how spring/summer ready are we when that happens? “Not very” is the answer - toenails like pork scratchings with bristly pigskin legs to match! Anyway, enough about me – let’s talk about you.
Forget your personal grooming regime (or lack of it) just for a second - how’s your wardrobe looking? Is it ready for that glorious moment when you throw open its doors and demand an outfit that is light, bright, fresh and spring-like? Or will it chuck at you a less than stylish mish-mash of winter clobber combined with last summer’s too small and now faded capri pants? If it’s the latter, fret not. I’ll have your wardrobe ‘spring/summer’ ready before you can say ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’.


Step 1Get your head around the spring/summer trends

Melanie in Gingham Blouse and Black Wide Leg TrousersGingham Embroidered Flute Sleeve Top | Topshop

You can buy some magazines for inspiration or if you’re a Pinterest fan, create a board with all your fave outfit ideas. Are there any key trends that you want to introduce to your wardrobe this season - maybe some gingham, or a bell sleeve, or both? Maybe swap your Birkenstocks for an on-trend metallic mule or a pair of faux fur sliders (I know, I know but never say never!)?

Silver mules on astro turfBlock Heel Silver Mules | Marks & Spencer


Step 2Remove the ‘Proper Winter’ items from your wardrobe

Proper winter means the items in your wardrobe which, no matter how disappointing you may find our British summer, you should never wear during the warmer months as you run the risk of resembling Maggie Smith from Lady in the Van.
So, remove from your wardrobe the likes of that jumper dress, turtleneck sweater and knee high boots and lay them on your bed or the floor.

Chunky jumper over romper suitBut by all means keep a couple of those over-sized, loose-knit, chunky jumpers to hand, especially if in this seasons blush pink, as they’ll look cute as you like thrown over a summer skirt or dress when the sun goes down.  

Step 3Winter Storage

Now sort through your pile of proper winter items making sure that anything you’re going to store for next winter is clean, with all buttons/zips present and in working order.

I store out of season clothes in a suitcase under the bed but you can store them wherever is best for you, just make sure that it’s a place where your clothes won’t get damp, dusty or eaten! You could also use this step to get rid of any old winter clothes that you no longer like or wear.

Step 4 Clean and Fit for Purpose

With all your ‘proper winter’ garments now removed, all you should have left in your wardrobe are the spring/summer options.
Flower Romper Suit Spring 2017Black Floral Print Wrap Front Culotte Jumpsuit | New Look

First up, do they fit? If so, how are they looking? Have a good examine of each item and decide the necessary action – some pieces may just need a quick wash and a press whereas some, where there’s extensive yellowing under the arms for example, should probably be replaced.

Step 5Complete Outfits

Blue sleeveless blouse with striped wide leg trousersHaving discarded items that don’t fit or that are tatty/stained – you now need to ascertain how many ‘complete’ outfits you have
  • Are you missing some basic tops that go with your skirts and trousers?
  • Or do you need some skirts and trousers to go with all your tops?!
Have a good trying on session and make a note of the outfits that work – taking a quick pic of the outfit laid out on the bed is the quickest way. And by that I mean lay the outfit on the bed not yourself – that would be tricky, and stupid!

Step 6 Make a List

Make a list of what you NEED and add to that the items that you WANT from Step 1; check your bank balance; regret checking your bank balance and head to the shops anyway! You don’t have to buy everything at once of course as you can do it in stages but I would urge you to stay focused on that list.

Step 7 – Finishing Touches

Off the should denim shirt with denim skirtBlue Tie Detail Bardot Top | New Look

And finally, for the manky toenails and legs, give them some speedy TLC.  You don’t need to visit a salon as it can all be done at home quickly and inexpensively:-
  • Smooth and shape nails with one of those brilliant nail buffer blocks and give them a lick of nail varnish.
  • Rub some tinted tanning lotion onto the bits of your body that will be on show – which I know is bit like painting round a wardrobe when you decorate but sod it, no one need know of the anaemic, verging on blue, flesh that lies beneath your beautifully curated SS17 wardrobe!
As always it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Mel and we look forward to welcoming her back on the blog when the seasons change again.  

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