5 ways to make a small garden space seem bigger

5 ways to make a small garden space seem bigger
If your outdoor space is smaller than you’d like there are tonnes of ways you can make the area appear bigger than it really is. These tricks are guaranteed to give you the illusion of a larger outdoor space without any great expense!

1.    White wash walls or fencing

In contrast to typical wood stains this white washed look is the perfect way to brighten up outdoor spaces. Traditional wood stains (browns and greens) tend to make smaller spaces appear dark and therefore smaller as a result. You could even opt for light pastel colours if white doesn’t appeal!

white wash walls
Image source: RHS Blog

2.    Mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion of extra space inside the home so why not try adding mirrors to outdoor spaces – it gives exactly the same effect! Not only do outdoor mirrors reflect sunlight, therefore brightening outdoor spaces, they also reflect plants giving the impression of a luscious, abundant garden.

outdoor mirror
Image source: Potting Up

3.    Wall planters

Keeping the garden floor clear of pots and flower beds is a great way of maximising usable space – you create more space for garden furniture like benches and tables as well as potential storage space. Instead of planting in the ground, you could try wall planters to keep the space looking green yet organised and spacious.

wall plants
Image source: Pinterest

4.    Clever storage

By integrating storage into garden features you’re hitting two birds with one stone. These gorgeous benches double up as storage, perfect for storing anything from tools to compost and garden cushions.

clever outdoor storage
Image source: Houzz

5.    Minimalist design

Minimalist gardens are cheap and easy to take care of by default. They look open and spacious simply because the space is clean and clutter free. There are tonnes of online resources aimed at helping to create the perfect minimalist space, such as this article from Architectural Digest.

minimalist garden design
Image source: WULAS     


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