Is Warrington the best place to live in the UK?

Is Warrington the best place to live in the UK?
Since 2012, Warrington Cheshire has been on a mission to fully regenerate itself as a town fit for the future.  Under the regeneration scheme known as ‘Warrington Means Business’, the town has become a highly desirable place to live and work; indeed, in 2021, Warrington Cheshire was named the best place to live and work in the UK.

Why is Warrington, Cheshire, the best place to live in the UK?

Through the creation of affordable, attractive housing, the development of cultural and leisure opportunities, and investment in local businesses and new enterprises, Warrington has grown considerably over the last 10 years.  It’s seen exponential economic growth and its residents are amongst the happiest in the UK.

Now, it’s setting its sights on becoming a fully fledged ‘Smart Town’.

A Smart Town is one in which the infrastructure is developed and maintained by information technology and communication technology - surveillance cameras, street sensors and mobile phone data, for example.  

This IT and communication data can be used to optimise traffic management controls (traffic lights etc) at busy times, identify gaps in public transport availability at peak times, and even reduce energy consumption by dimming street lights when roads are empty.  Smart city technology can also be used to provide advanced warning of problems such as flooding, and can be used to monitor areas known to be at risk of crime.

Warrington is already a tech hub, with many digital companies established here (including Hewlett Packard, DriveWorks and Tata Consultancy Service).  The Centre for Cities think tank named Warrington the town with the best economic growth over the last 100 years, thanks mainly to its support for, and development of, tech firms and digital startups.  This will surely only grow as the drive to become a Smart City increases.

Warrington has already been awarded £50,000 in its drive to become one of the UK’s first Smart Cities and is competing for millions of pounds worth of investment due to be allocated in 2023.

Warrington Town Centre

It’s easy to see why Warrington was voted the best place to live in the UK when you visit the town centre.  Millions of pounds have been invested in redeveloping the centre; visitors and residents can now enjoy a new market hall, a multiplex cinema, big-name high street shops and plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes.  

Residents here are happy, jobs are readily available and housing is affordable.  Warrington is in a prime location between Liverpool and Manchester, with easy access to the M62 and M6 and efficient, frequent intercity rail and bus services.  Residents can choose to live in any of the surrounding villages and have an easy commute into the centre of Warrington, or live in Warrington town and travel to work in Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Leeds or further afield. International travel is also easily accessible via Liverpool or Manchester airports.

Why not move to live or work in Warrington, Cheshire?

Warrington’s economy is booming; house prices are cheaper than the national average, there’s plenty to do (from a day out with your children at Gulliver’s World Theme Park, to a stroll and a picnic at the Moore Nature Reserve or a shopping trip to the Gemini or jn9 retail parks or further afield at the Trafford Centre in Manchester) and there are lots of green spaces to enjoy (Walton Hall is beautiful). 

There are also plenty of Good and Outstanding primary and secondary schools and there are plenty of jobs available across a wide range of industries (notably tech, manufacturing and advanced engineering).  So, why wouldn’t you want to move here!

If you’re tempted to move to Warrington, Cheshire, remember that we can help with storing your belongings during the process.  You can rent a self storage unit from us for a week or however much longer you need, and we’ll keep your belongings clean, dry and safe until you’re ready to move everything into your new home.

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