A guide to winter motorbike storage

You might love riding your motorbike in the warmer months, but few people can honestly say they enjoy riding in the rain, sleet and snow. It’s hazardous, cold and wet, and many bikers opt for alternative means of transport over winter. If you plan to stop using your bike for a few weeks, here is our guide for storing your motorbike.

Choosing the right motorcycle storage

If you lack secure space at home, you can rent a storage unit for your motorbike. Our storage units are suitable for storing motorbikes because they are:
  • Clean and dry
  • Accessible (so you can come in and turn your wheels or top up your battery if needed - see below)
  • Indoors
  • Out of direct sunlight to prevent damage to leather and paintwork.
When you’ve decided where your bike will be kept, take some time to prep it so that it can withstand a few weeks of being immobile.

Preparing your motorcycle for storage

If you plan to leave your bike in storage for several weeks, make sure you:

1. Drain your fluids (if storing with us, you'll need to drain all flammable fluid)
2. Lubricate all moveable parts, use WD40 on your chain and gears and wax your bodywork to prevent rust
3. Remove your battery, put it on trickle-charge or top it up every month
4. Store your bike with tyres off the ground to prevent flat spots (or rotate the tyres weekly).

Motorbike storage with Safestore

Our storage is designed to be flexible, so you can stay for just a week or for as long as you like, which can only be a good thing given the notoriously fickle British weather.

We have stores all over the country for you to choose from.  Find your nearest store. Once you’ve found a store that’s local to you, click for a quote - typically, 25-35 sq ft will be sufficient to store a motorbike. You should also be able to fit other items in around your bike, such as your tools, gear and helmets, or you can use any extra space to carry out routine maintenance of your bike.

Things to remember if storing your motorbike over winter

If you store your bike with us, you’ll need to arrange 'Laid Up' motorbike insurance or take up a policy through us that costs just £1.55 per week for up to £1000 of cover. You’ll also need your own padlock; you’ll be the only person with access to your unit as the sole key holder for your lock. 

Finally, don’t forget to sign a SORN declaration if you don’t plan to drive it for a few weeks, to save a bit of money on your road tax. 

Call us today for secure motorcycle storage

We have a special offer at the moment for new customers - get 50% off the cost of your storage unit for eight whole weeks, which should cover you for most of winter! Call us on 0800 4444 800 or get a quick quote above and/or reserve a unit for free today and keep your bike safe and dry this winter.
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