How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

A new year equals a new you, right? In that case you’ll need an overhaul. Whether you have too many shoes or you seem to have thousands of clothes but nothing to wear, creating a capsule wardrobe is one of the best ways to feel better about the clothes that you wear and how you find them.

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ has been around for decades now, and it’s not about to go away any time soon. Coined in the Seventies by Susie Faux, the idea was popularised by Donna Karen in the Eighties and today stylists like Gok Wan champion it. The idea is that you have a seasonal wardrobe made up of a set number of pieces that will never go out of fashion and are interchangeable with each other, making it perfect for those tight on space or with a small budget.

Things to Consider Before Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Your Colour Scheme - a colour scheme across your capsule wardrobe is very important as you want every piece to go with one another. Typically, you pick two base colours to go with absolutely everything, including black, white, brown, grey or navy. Choose items such as trousers and coats in these colours. Then, choose one or two accent colours in brighter tones that co-ordinate with your base colours. Tops and dresses can also be bought in these colours. This will ensure that whatever you wear, the pieces you choose will always complement each other. When choosing your colour scheme, you should think about your complexion and how to match it.

Your Body Shape – Depending on your body shape, certain cuts of clothing will be more flattering than others. For instance, many stylists often advice a waist belt to visually cinch in the waist and create an hourglass figure. If you feel that your clothes are flattering, you are more likely to wear them.

Classic Cuts – there are certain cuts of clothing that do not date, while other pieces go in and out of fashion. It’s these classics that you should consider using in your capsule wardrobe, and they are likely to be worn and kept for a number of years. Pieces such as trench coats, jeans and pencil skirts are classics.

Investment Pieces – the idea of a capsule wardrobe is to own fewer items of clothing that can be worn a number of different ways. It is therefore a good idea to invest in clothing that is well made from high quality fabrics, because they will get a lot of wear, and you don’t want to have to continuously replace your clothes.

How to Build the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe for You

Step 1

Pare down your wardrobe. How far you go is entirely up to you and the number of pieces that suits you. Some say as little as 24, others as much as 37, but the best way to do it is to think about how many of each item you want. For instance, you might choose seven pairs of shoes, ten bottoms, ten tops, two dresses and three coats. Once you’ve decided on a number, whittle down your wardrobe to this.

  • Your capsule wardrobe should not include:
  • Gym clothes
  • Jewellery
  • Accessories
  • Bags
  • Swimsuits
  • Pyjamas/loungewear

Step 2

Wear these for a ‘season’, i.e. winter, spring, summer or autumn, around three months. Don’t do any shopping.

Step 3

During the last week of the season, plan and shop for the next three months.

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