​8 Clever Lazy Susan Storage Ideas

​8 Clever Lazy Susan Storage Ideas

Susan seems to have been lost in History as no one has been able to determine why the rotating circular device that sits on the centre of a table making it easier to serve meals, was named after her. Most people associate Lazy Susans with the 1950s and 60s. But, in fact, they have been traced back to the 18th Century and were probably known as Dumbwaiters which became popular during a time when household servants were on the decline.
Either way they are incredibly useful and the fact they’ve lasted for centuries attests to this. But today, people are not just using them to serve meals but have found very clever ways of using them for storage. Here are a few of our favourites we found online.

1) Organising Fridge

Lazy Susan Fridge Organiser

How often do you find things in the back of your fridge that have gone off?  Or do you have several half used jars of Pesto?  The Lazy Susan allows you to quickly access items that would have previously been trapped at the back of the fridge.  However, if you do get one for the fridge we’d encourage you to get one with slightly higher sides and rubber matting on the bottom so it doesn’t slide on the glass shelves.

2) Organising Spices and Oil

Lazy Susan Storage Ideas Spices and Cooking Oil

Tired of dragging all of your spice jars out of the cupboard looking for the Chinese Five Spice which has found it’s way to the back of the cupboard and knocking over the cooking oils in the process?  These Lazy Susan options will tidy up your cupboards in a tick.

3) Organising Art Supplies

Initially we were concerned that the glass jars and their contents were going to slide off and smash, but we quickly realised that she’d used a glue gun to hold them in place.  Now she can easily access all of her art supplies.

4) Organising Cosmetic 

Organising Makeup using Carousel

Getting ready in the morning is stressful enough and trying to put your face on when you’re still half asleep is not easy.  To save yourself a bit of time, frustration and reducing your chances of mixing up your nail polish remover and eye make-up remover use this purpose built Cosmetic Caddy to organise all your make-up.


5) Organising Cleaning Products


Pure stroke of genius and a stylish way of organising your cleaning supplies, making them easily accessible, no more moving 15 bottles to get to the one you want.
6) Organising Drinks Station

Coffee StationThis one is not technically a Lazy Susan, but we loved the design and hopefully can inspire someone to make one that would rotate.  If you do please do send us a photo.  You’ll probably need to get the glue gun out to secure the items on the top.
7) Organising Medicine


This probably wouldn’t be ideal if you keep your prescriptions etc in your Bathroom Cabinet
as they don’t tend to be deep and the deeper cabinets lower down wouldn’t be the safest place to store medicine if you have kids or pets in the house.  But if you have space in your kitchen cabinets this would definitely work.

8) Organising Library Books


Tired of library books going missing and not being able to find them till after the due date?  This lending library helps you to keep library books separate to the rest of the books in the house.

Where to get one

Lazy Susans are readibly available online, but in our travels around the net, we came across this tutorial for making your own DIY Lazy Susan and nearly lost our marbles!

Make your Own DIY Lazy Susan


A note of warning, once you starting using Lazy Susans they’ll become addictive and you will find them multiplying quickly.
Do you use Lazy Susans for storage?  Tell us what you store in them in the comment section below! 


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