Monopoly Man

Time Lapse Video: Neil Scallan - Our 'Stuff is Great' Collector #4

About the collection

Neil Scallan, a gateway service manager at Heathrow Airport, is currently attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most Monopoly Boards owned.

Neil started collecting 10 years ago when on holiday, he didn’t feel satisfied with a keyring or a magnet as it seemed ‘too obvious’.  So, he opted for a Monopoly Board instead and hasn’t stopped collecting them since.  It drives his girlfriend mad.

"This really is an exciting record attempt to be a part of – especially given how popular and nostalgic Monopoly is amongst families across the world” says Dave Cox, Marketing Director.

His collection, which was previously stored between his home and his parents' has now been moved to one of our Self Storage Units at Safestore, where it will be documented and photographed prior to him submitting his application to Guinness.  It’s a mammoth task but he’s confident they can do it.

“Neil’s collection is honestly like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He has boards from all over the world and some of them are incredibly rare. His commitment to building this collection is nothing short of amazing and we hope that he wins the record attempt. He certainly deserves it!”

Neil is one of a kind and his enthusiasm is infectious.  We first met Neil a few months ago when we visited him and his collection at home.  You can read more about our first encounter over on our Blog 'Social Stuff'.
Monopoly Man
Neil Scallan Crawley
Neil Scallan
Number of Games 2000+
Collecting for how long? 10 Years
Value of total collection £150,000
Most sought after item 1,000,000 Edition Monopoly Board
Total storage space needed 300 sq ft
Interesting fact about collection Owns every New Zealand Edition

Favourite Item:

Hong Kong Limited Edition
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