Suzette and Her Animal Friends

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About the collection

Suzette Field is not your average historian. Inspired by P.T. Barnum and Victorian eccentricity, California-born Field is a taxidermy collector. She owns around 100 unique pieces, over 50 of which she displays in her North London home.
People might think my collection is a bit strange and that I’m a bit unsual but I don’t really care about what they think.
Suzette is also a practicing taxidermist (surprisingly she’s a vegetarian). Her favourite piece of her collection is a horseshoe crab, though she typically stuffs ethically sourced rodents and birds herself.
As an artist she is attracted to the natural beauty of each object she collects, for her each is a masterpiece of creation. Suzette sees her unique collection as a celebration of that force.

The full interview with Suzette can be found over on our blog 'Social Stuff'.
Taxidermy Collector
Suzette Field London
Suzette Field
Number of items 100
Collecting for how long? Since 2005
Value of total collection £40,000
Most valuable item Kudu head
Total storage space needed 150 sq ft

Favourite Item:

Cased Horseshoe Crab
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